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The watch is completely sealed making it perfect for those swim stages and thanks to the new battery you can get 20 hours or at least an Ironman in before you need another charge, there is even a back light for those of you that finish your race in the dark.

The Ant+ Bluetooth USB device plugs into the back of the computer and as soon as you walk in uploads your heart rate, power output, route and speed straight onto the Garmin connect website which makes it easy to keep a training diary and boast to all of your friends on facebook about how fast you managed to go down ‘that’ hill on your bike.

‘Being a Garmin Forerunner 301 user, which was pretty good in its day and is still working reliably, I finally decided to upgrade to the new Garmin Forerunner 310XT. As I discovered on my first run, which was in the evening, the backlight did not function and could not be made to function. Amazon were extremely good and quickly sent a replacement. I have now had the opportunity to compare the performance of the new 310XT against the older 301.

Wearing a watch on each wrist, I did a few runs and loaded the results of both watches into SportTracks software (select the 405 model or the GPS Communicator). I superimposed the paths onto maps of my routes. I could zoom out so that the maps showed a lot of detail. It was quickly evident that the 310XT watch followed the routes more closely and more predictably than the 301 watch. That is not to say that the 310XT followed the routes perfectly, for GPS is not that accurate, but it was much less affected by the influence of buildings and trees. Quite impressive, really.

The 310xt also picks up satellites much more quickly.

The flexibility offered by the user-customisable screens is a great improvement. I am still experimenting with which data to display. And the use of the on/off switch to quickly set the backlight illumination level to 0%/50%/100% is very user friendly and quick to use on the run’.

Jack storm- United Kingdom-21-30

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